Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Woodland Hills

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Woodland Hills - The Law Office of Kenneth L. SnyderIt’s tough enough for car drivers to navigate the busy and congested streets of Los Angeles and Woodland Hills. Imagine being one of the 163,000 registered motorcyclists in Los Angeles! Oftentimes, car drivers are not aware of their surroundings, are heavy in conversation on their cell phones (or worse, texting), or do not look when crossing lanes.

The Woodland Hills motorcycle accident lawyers at The Law Office of Kenneth L. Snyder want motorcyclists to be safe on the roads and avoid injury at all costs. However, we know that motorcycle accidents will occur and that they currently account for 3% of all collisions and 15% of traffic deaths. The main reason? Car drivers failing to notice motorcycles in traffic.

  • 75% of all motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles were the result of a collision with another vehicle. Most of those collisions were with cars.
    • ~Almost 70% of the accidents were caused by the driver of the other vehicle violating the motorcycle rider’s right-of-way. And speaking of violating the rider’s right of way, most motorcycle accidents with car drivers occur at intersections.
  • 25% of motorcycle accidents were the result of a collision with the roadway, a median or a fixed object in the roadway or on the freeway.
    • Almost 70% of motorcycle accidents were caused by rider error, i.e., over-braking or overturning a curve because of high speed.
  • ~3% of motorcycle accidents were the result of vehicle failure, i.e., engine failure or flat tire.
  • ~2% of motorcycle accidents were the result of road or freeway defects, i.e., bumps, ridges, potholes.

Not all motorcycle accidents result in a personal injury or wrongful death but when they do, we are passionate about protecting our clients. Motorcycle accidents can cause thousands of dollars of damage but most importantly, can seriously injure the rider and cause years of rehabilitation. If you have been in a motorcycle accident and have suffered a personal injury, act quickly to protect your rights, your name, and your bank account.

Our initial consultation is always free and we work for you based on a contingency fee – meaning we get paid when, and only when, we win your case.

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